Derek Gillespie

Music Director

Piano, Bass, Drums

Phone: 770.823.6986

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I'm often asked if I’m related to Dizzy Gillespie (I'm not) but better known as a multiple Instrumentalist! Growing up in a household with a piano always there to use, at a very young age I developed the desire to play musical instruments. It wasn’t until the 7th grade when I was ’fitted’ by the music teacher who determined that Trombone was the best fit for me. This marked the beginning of my first real form of formal music training.

Since that time and over the years, I developed the desire and have learned to play, drums, guitar, sax, bass, and harmonica. Even to this day, I rarely spend a day without playing some sort of musical instrument or miss a chance to increase my knowledge of music in some way. Spending time in the woodshed over many years allowed me to take advantage and fulfill my current roles as the Music Director and lead keyboardist at Discover Life Church worship Band, as well as, the Bass player for the Maria Gabriella Band.

"My desire moving forward is to not only teach music but to also help students of all ages learn how fun music is and how fulfilling it can be on your LIFE! "