Looking to give your instrument a new life? Reverent Sound Music invites you to donate your gently-used, high-quality instrument to have ready and available in our workshops and classroom setting.

Many musicians are not able to afford the instrument they need to advance their studies and careers. Donating your instrument to a talented musician or even a beginner ensures that new generations of artistry will carry forward the impact of music and arts in our communities. We depend on the generous support of music-lovers like you to keep delivering instruments and changing lives.

We know there are literally THOUSANDS of orphaned band and orchestra instruments in closets across this country. Why not donate it and help ensure that students or programs in need can enjoy the gift of music? Plus, your gift is tax-deductible for the value of the instrument!

If you own such an instrument, know someone who used to play, or has one in the attic, basement, or storage unit, Click below to get started.

Thank You!
Kevin Camon