As a nonprofit, we rely entirely on the generosity of people like you. When you donate to Reverent Sound Music, you enable our mission of transforming lives with the precious gift of music education and arts. We are making an impact, one student at a time, one instrument at a time, and at every outreach because of our supporters.

In-kind donations are another way to support RSM and you too can be a part and consider a financial gift to Reverent Sound Music! Your contribution supports musical instruments and equipment, choral music and workshops, concerts and community outreach resources.


Reverent Sound Music, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(3) organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible and allow the program to provide high-quality arts education in music, dance, drama, and visual arts, as well as performance opportunities for the community. Without donors like you, Reverent Sound Music cannot continue to fulfill its mission nor meet its goals.


Thank You!
Kevin Camon


Reverent Sound Music, Inc. is a 501(3) non-profit and all donations are tax-deductible. Our EIN is 83-0661429.