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Reverent Sound Music & Performing Arts

Reverent Sound Music & Performing Arts introduces free music, dance, improv and theatre classes in the world of the performing arts. Training emphasizes ensemble building and offers experiential outings, workshops, and classes, all led under the direction of volunteer theatre professionals. 

This program is offered to young people ages 9 - 21 and provides a structured performance-based program for students that will help foster a life-long love of music and performing arts, encourages students to follow their passions and motivates them to set high goals and work hard to achieve them. Reverent Sound Music & Performing Arts facilitates classroom rehearsals, workshops, training & group presentations for all programs.


Under the direction Mr. Kevin Camon, Reverent Sound Music offers young vocalists an opportunity to light up the stage while learning fundamentals of vocal technique.



Under the direction Ms. Skylar Jackson. Our performing arts program contains activities that introduce particularly the young generation to theatre and drama, providing them with important tools for dealing with real-life situations while having fun.


Under the direction Mrs. Kenice Patterson, Dance at Reverent Sound Music will consist of providing exceptional dance training young adults to dance in a  positive dance atmosphere. The styles of dance will range from Commentary to Hip Hop and more.